Inicio Otros ‘Una Pará en Gines’; who says dreams don’t come true?

‘Una Pará en Gines’; who says dreams don’t come true?


Focusing on the ‘Rociera’ tradition, and its strong historical link with country life, in 2007, thanks to the Gines Tourism and Festival Department, a new type of event was born.
‘Una Pará en Gines,’ emerges as an important tourist attraction focused on the identity of a certain village in Seville, Spain.
An event in which, for four days, visitors (more than 42,000 last year) will enjoy a diverse program of really remarkable activities. For instance, yoke competitions and greyhound races, stone pulling with donkeys, flamenco fashion shows and the highly anticipated, ‘Rociera Night’ where live music will be prevalent throughout the venue.
Other star attractions at this event include tasting the local gastronomy, witnessing the amazing horse show and attending a festival with a wide representation of different companies related to commerce and the agricultural and livestock sectors.
This year, coinciding with the centennial of the immortal work ‘Platero y yo’ by the Nobel prize winning author, Juan Ramón Jiménez, the donkey will be the main character at ‘la Pará.’ This typical animal from the south of Spain will be celebrated in races, demonstrations, workshops and many other activities.
In 2014, a Stop in Gines, will take placefrom the 25th to the 28th of September.
Do not miss it! We’ll see you at ‘la Pará.’

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